The History and Birth of The Cattleya Foundation Of Hope

On February 15, 2016, First Lady Shelia Ross, Min Sandra Henry, Sis Toria Smith-Loughridge, Sis Lisa Ware, and Sis Sandra Montgomery met at Panera’s at the Marketplace in Waco, Texas, to discuss the planning of the upcoming, A Celebration of Life event. At this meeting, Sis Ross shared with everyone how the concept of the cancer foundation was born. It was born from the A Celebration of Life event luncheon held at the Spa at Canyon Oaks Resort in Crawford, Texas, on August 28, 2015. This mission luncheon was hosted by Min Sandra Henry (Voice of the Voiceless Ministries). After the luncheon, the two ladies, Sis Shelia Ross and Min Sandra Henry, began to talk and God’s plan for the future with new possibilities grew. Min Henry knew this gift of life mission was too important to continue working alone. Sis Ross expressed the need to celebrate life with all cancer survivors! Min Henry was so excited about this concept for the foundation that her creative juices were on fire. In order to go forward, let us take a blast into the past!

Why a Celebration of Life Luncheon?

God allowed Min Sandra Henry to celebrate her life with those special people who surrounded her with love during her fight with breast cancer. She invited sister breast cancer survivors to share their testimonies and love with her friends and family. The Susan G. Komen Foundation supported this celebration with information of how to fight breast cancer with life style prevention one person at a time and gave beautiful bags to everyone. The City of Lacy Lakeview (Michelle Hicks) was our biggest monetary supporter of this mission. The women partner/members of The Abundant Love Fellowship Church through Pearls Ministry worked diligently to support the success of this mission. Prosper Waco provided information on the collaborative initiative for communities and organizations to build an environment in which all members will immeasurably improve their health, education and financial security. It was amazing to see how God transformed a simple luncheon into a mission of love. The outpour MinSandra received from women all over the Central Texas community was heartwarming and the beginning of a new journey with Christ leading the way. At the end of the day, MinSandra knew God’s purpose for her life and she was compelled to answer His call. A Celebration of Life would continue as an ongoing mission of love. Yet, God was working on an even greater mission plan with Sis Shelia and MinSandra. A Cancer Foundation! Through continuous prayers, a strategic plan to plant seeds of hope, transform lives through Christ, and to let cancer survivors know they are not alone in their journey a foundation would be developed.

And God Said…The Cattleya Foundation Of Hope

Finally on March 31, 2016, Sis Shelia, Min Sandra and Sis Lisa were present for the monthly meeting at IHOP off of I 35 in Waco, Texas. It was during this meeting that the name Cattleya Foundation of Hope was created and later Sis Toria Smith-Loughridge developed the logo design with the assistance of Northern Nye Printing. Sis Shelia thought of a beautiful flower for the logo and Sis Lisa’s mind raced to an orchid, a Cattleya orchid! MinSandra put together Foundation of Hope. We all agreed the beautiful orchid and name was best for the foundation! Sis Sandra Montgomery suggested we adopt the colors Purple and gold. Later, MinSandra suggested the color cream be added. We were busting at the seams with excitement and gratitude. Now we were ready to move forward and The Cattleya Foundation of Hope was born!

Ribbons of All Cancers