Sandra Henry

Executive Director

Mrs. Shelia Ross serves as the co-founder of the Abundant Love Fellowship Church, located in Waco, Texas. Abundant Love Fellowship Church is one of the newest and fastest growing church in the area. The church is located on the campus of Victorious Life at 7459 S. I-35, Waco, Texas. The Abundant Love Church is a church based on Christian beliefs, teaching biblical Christian principles, and the doctrinal of the Trinity.

Mrs. Shelia Ross has partnered with her husband, Dr. E. L. Ross, Sr. Pastor, for over twenty years in pastoral ministry. Throughout her years of service in the body of Christ, she has worked in many capacities to help build a strong, effective team to help serve the needs of God’s people. She has worked within the Children’s Ministry by teaching our youth about the love of Christ. She worked avidly within the Women’s Ministry and served as Vice President. Most importantly, she served as teacher, trainer, and mentor by equipping and helping to develop women as they learn their roles as Godly women. Shelia also served within the Music Ministry for many years and helped to establish a youth and young adult choir.

Sheila believes her greatest ministry is helping to develop and prepare young couples in the ministry in their new roles and assignments within the Kingdom of God. She believes in partnering with others to teach, reach, grow and show others that living for Christ has empowered her life to meet the many challenges she has had to face and endure.

While working fulltime for a pharmaceutical company for more than 20 years, Shelia was able to see how medicine impacted the lives of people and brought about healing as well as wellness. She was able to see how the progression of new drugs would impact and change the lives of many people for the better. However, she could not give all the credit to modern medicine. Shelia believes the ultimate healing comes from God.

In 1985, Shelia’s niece was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of fourteen. Through surgery, her niece has led a victorious life. In 2001, while dealing with the personal loss of a child, Shelia’s Mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. After going through a complete mastectomy and chemo, she is thankful that her Mom is still living a victorious life, and she is her biggest mentor and cheerleader.